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Phone Parts Europe

EuropeSpares was established 2008 in Lelystad, Netherlands. Since then we became a market leader for Phone Parts in Europe such as high-quality Mobile Phone replacement parts, Service pack LCDs, and original accessories.

EuropeSpares keeps a vast variety of Brands and their model’s Parts. We supply to small and large companies in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. We guarantee the quality of our products.

All parts are tested in various stages. Sometimes it is already tested for quality by our suppliers (authorized distributors of various brands) before shipment. And in other cases, we test it here on site after receipt. Our goal is to offer you the best quality phone parts in Europe at the best price and to meet your high demands.

EuropeSpares is one of the largest e-commerce distributors & wholesalers of mobile phone parts in Europe. We are the market leader in parts distribution and as a wholesaler, we try to keep the quality of phone parts above the industry standards and to maintain competitive pricing.

As a wholesaler & distributor, we supply mobile phone parts for smartphones such as Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, iPhone, and Apple parts in general. You can also contact us for display protection and accessories. Of course everything at wholesale prices.

Phone Parts Europe

Through our serious approach over 12 years, we have been given the opportunity to become a dealer of original parts from Apple, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Because we have a large purchasing volume, we can also purchase very competitively at very favorable conditions.

As a wholesaler of phone parts in Europe, we know better than anyone what you expect from us as a reseller. That is why we offer original service center parts from Samsung and Huawei and iPhone parts in various qualities such as pulled OEM, OEM, refurbished, and AAA.

iPhone Batteries Wholesale

We offer 2 types of iPhone batteries.

These batteries come directly from Apple’s authorized distributors. The availability of various models if the number is limited and varies per delivery. This is the best thing repairers can use for their repairs.

These batteries are certified and the quality is above average. They have a long lifespan and more charge cycles than providers elsewhere. They are also compatible with the latest IOS versions.

Apple chargers & iPhone Cables

Apple chargers such as the A2347 and A1718 are popular models of Apple chargers. EuropeSpares offers various models and versions of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Macbook chargers. Cables are also available in various lengths. This way you can make the right combination yourself and offer it to your customers.

Samsung Service Pack LCD

EuropeSpares only sells new and original Samsung Service Pack LCDs from European service centers.

Phone Parts Europe Samsung Service Pack LCD


With a return rate of less than 0.5%, we can say that this is the most sensible choice if you want to carry out repairs without worry and keep satisfied customers.

Quality Standards of our iPhone LCDs

They come from iPhone devices that are returned to service centers under warranty. The screens are separated from the device and they end up on the market through a “back door”.

Of the alternatives below, “pulled” screens have the best quality among the alternatives before a new original iPhone service pack LCD. The price is slightly lower than a new original screen from Apple.

In this version, all components are produced and assembled by the manufacturer. You get the best of the best!

To be used in a repair where the device still has a very high value, for insurance companies and for a customer where high-quality requirements are paramount.

Originally used screens (with broken glass/touchscreen) are overhauled. Think of replacing the glass, frame, and, where necessary, small parts.

To be used for a repair that meets original quality, but with a friendly price tag.

This is an after-market display that does not contain any component from the original manufacturer.

To be used for a repair where the device has a low value or for a customer where a good quality at a low price tag is paramount.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the quality? Then you will always get your money back!

If you are looking for a Samsung Service Pack LCD Distributor, a trader and wholesaler of Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone and Huawei service pack LCD displays which can provide a large scale of LCD models, all you need is EuropeSpares B.V. One of the most recognized distributors in Europe of Samsung Service Pack LCDs.

EuropeSpares B.V. is a worldwide reseller and Samsung Service Pack LCD Distributor of Samsung Galaxy Service Packs LCDs. We offer the most competitive prices, all parts are 100% Brand New and Original and direct from manufacturer!

We are trading and wholesaling Samsung Service Pack Lcd displays for many years now. EuropeSpares B.V Launched In 2008. We work with different suppliers from various countries providing a trustable, professional & high-quality output.

Samsung Service Pack LCD Distributor

EuropeSpares only offers genuine service pack LCDs from Samsung service centers. We know they always work. We buy direct from authorized distributors and we offer a full warranty.

Customer experience

You will get the best customer experience in the industry. Our prices are fair below the competition; making it one of the best deals you could get.


When it comes to stock – we’ve got the largest one. You won’t have to worry about the size of your order; you can place small or large orders.

Delivery to your door

You will get your products delivered right to your door. It doesn’t matter where you live.
*If you are in Europe, you will get it delivered by UPS Express (usually within the first 24 hours).

Contact us by one the following methods for availability and prices:

Whatsapp (+31617779892)
– phone at +31 320 820 994