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Quality goes first, and that’s exactly what we’ve been providing since 2008. All the products featured are original – and come in their respective packages.

There is nothing worse than getting ‘fake’ products or useless spare parts. It’s a waste of time for you & your customers – and that needs to stop.

You don’t need to worry about stock, we’ve got the largest one in the whole industry. It doesn’t matter what you need – you can make big or small orders.

Samsung LCD

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This is a big market, and you already know that.

It’s time to re-invent your stock with the right wholesaler – and EuropeSpares is here for you.

Getting the best pricing and the required quantity is a difficult task. With EuropeSpares, you can get the following:

Fast & Safe Shipping

You will get your products right to your door.24-hour delivery in Europe.

Professional Customer Support

Totally dedicated to your queries; from orders to personal inquiries.

Total Product Warranty

All your orders are backed by a 3-month warranty, for injuries or fabric damages.

Got Anything To Offer?

Are you original supplier or a wholesaler? Drop us a message with your stock and pricing – and we’ll take care of the rest.
We are always looking to expand our stock and get new things.


Don't hesitate to reach us if you are providing original parts.

We don't accept counterfeit or second-hand products. Your parts need to be new & supplied in the original package; with the official part number labels.



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It doesn’t matter if you need two hundred Huawei displays or twelve Samsung Screens. We are the first wholesaler that ships large & small orders.

We act like a Samsung Authorized Reseller – providing the best sources & accessories you could ever need.