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Samsung Service Pack LCDs. Why are they so expensive?


Buying a Samsung mobile service pack such as Galaxy A51, A71, S10, and S20 might cost you as much as a used phone of the same model. Genuine Samsung service pack replacement screens are very expensive, and this reflects in the price of a repair. Often it’d be cheaper to buy a second-hand phone.

Even if only the upper glass is broken, in most cases it’s not possible to change only the glass (which would have made it a lot cheaper). Unfortunately, the bad news is that the whole display unit has to be replaced.

Why is a Samsung service pack LCD screen so expensive?

Samsung has great mobile phones and when compared to Apple it can be argued that you get more for your money when buying the device, but what should be considered in the decision is the repair cost of the device you are contemplating.

The manufacturing cost is high. Most Samsung screens use AMOLED (active matrix organic LED) technology and are made by Samsung themselves. Other manufacturers of aftermarket replacement screens (mainly China) have not yet succeeded in making their own equivalent.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (G975F) LCD + Touchscreen Display (NO FRAME) - Black


Samsung service pack screens are manufactured in Korea. The supply is kept restricted and also the secrets needed to produce Samsung’s OLED aftermarket versions are kept in secret, which prevents the entrance of other aftermarket manufactures. This creates a continuous low supply of replacement screens and therefor-high cost.

Not possible to replace the glass only

Nowadays phones are made to be slim and sleek and in order to minimize the thickness of the devices both glass and display are glued together and cannot be separated easily. So since they are glued together you need to replace the full assembly and this means that the cost goes up by the cost of the expensive LCD component.

In fact, replacing the glass only is not impossible. There is some technical refurb equipment on the market to strip the old cracked glass and this requires a lot of skill. It is very difficult and labor-intensive and it really doesn’t save much money. Also important, the potential for issues with the LCD is much higher given that the separation involves heat and some force.

What are the options for new and official Samsung service pack LCD replacements?

Copy Samsung service pack LCD screens

For older Samsung phones like the Galaxy S4 and S5, copy screens are available from China. But they aren’t very reliable and use LCD technology instead of AMOLED. A very common problem in cheap copy LCDs is that you might face dead pixels.

Samsung service pack lcd copy Screens

Also, a problem is that the screen has horrible colors. Almost like black and white. You will not have the experience same as an AMOLED display.

With an aftermarket Samsung service pack screen, you have a lesser degree of viewing angle. You will miss a good visual performance when you look at your phone display from an angle.

Refurbished Samsung service pack LCD screens

A refurbished screen is a phone screen of which only the glass is broken and instead of throwing it in the bin, a recycling center replaces the broken glass into a new state and brought back for a second lifespan.

Samsung service pack lcd refurbished screen

The all-over quality depends on who refurbished it. Also, the glass that is used is for the replacement is not original from Samsung. Common problems with refurbished Samsung service pack LCD screens are dust between the glass and LCD, a glass that lifts from the frame, bad touch quality, and a glass surface that doesn’t give the same smooth touch experience as an original one.

Pulled Samsung service pack LCD screens

Original Samsung service pack LCDs are also available on the market. They are called pulled Samsung screens. They have been taken from handsets which return to Service Centres under warranty. These screens enter the market through the back door.

From the above alternatives, pulled screens are the best quality you can get before a new original Samsung service pack LCD. The price is slightly lower than a new one.

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